Winnie the Witch Winnie the Witch

by Valerie Thomas
illustrated by Korky Paul
Activities and adapted text by Jane Cadwallader

Storybook (includes activity booklet): ISBN 0194319040
Cassette: ISBN 0194319075
Teacher's Pack (story with teacher's Notes in English): ISBN 0194319105
Oxford University Press

WINNIE THE WITCH is an English language teaching video adaptation of the award-winning children's book about a witch and her black cat, Wilbur.

WINNIE THE WITCH is a combination of enchanting story and top quality animation. It offers listening comprehension and learner participation in a fun and imaginative way, and includes vocabulary and structures found in the first level of any primary English course. The video can be used alongside the ELT edition of the WINNIE THE WITCH story book adapted by Jane Cadwallader and is suitable for children working on their own at home, as well as in the classroom.

The WINNIE THE WITCH characters and story were originally created by Korky Paul and Valerie Thomas. The English language teaching adaptation is by Jane Cadwallader, who also wrote the songs. The story is narrated by Sandi Toksvig.

The video contains:

  • The story
  • The story text
  • Songs
  • Now you sing!

WINNIE THE WITCH - Edition for learners of English

Winnie the Witch lives in a black house
with her black cat Wilbur.
Wilbur has got green eyes.
When Wilbur closes his eyes
Winnie can't see him.

WINNIE THE WITCH is a prize-winning children's book about a witch and her black cat Wilbur. This new edition for learners of English contains:

  • the story of WINNIE THE WITCH told in simple language. It includes vocabulary, topics, and structures found in the first level of any Primary English course.
  • a write-in Activity Book with simple activities, a song, and chants based on the story.
  • a picture dictionary with key vocabulary from the story.

This new edition of WINNIE THE WITCH² can be used by children working on their own at home, as well as in the classroom.

Also available:

  • A cassette containing the song and the chants in the Activity Book.
  • A Teacher's Book with detailed notes on how to tell the story and how to use the activities in the classroom.

A spell-binding story about a witch and her cat.

Winnie can only see her black cat, Wilbur, when his eyes are open - because his eyes are green, and everything else in Winnie's house is black. So when Wilbur closes his eyes, Winnie always falls over him! Children will have fun finding out how Winnie solves the problem, in this prize-winning book adapted for young learners of English. Korky Paul's humorous illustrations, full of fun and detail will make WINNIE THE WITCH² a great favourite with your class.

The Story Book includes a 12-page activity booklet, which children can write and colour in. The simple activities and puzzles focus on the language and vocabulary from the story, and will supplement any primary course. WINNIE THE WITCH² provides 6-8 hours of classwork.

Teacher's Notes explain how to tell the story, and offer guidance on using activities in class.

Children will enjoy learning Winnie's Song and the chants based on the story - all featured on the accompanying cassette, together with the narrated story.